Arthink-book is the first of our Creacon. It represents the fusion of painting and book. It can be closed and put on a shelf in the library. It aims to be the the replacement of the paintings on the walls. Too often paintings seem unmovable and prevent, what is for Arthink, the natural flow of change. Paintings hang still and static but often art has a more ephemeral nature. If you tire of a painting you don’t throw it away. Art-think book delivers a more fluid and responsive experience of art.... > read more

Works in the Gallery

> A-book SLE (Special Launch Edition)

The special collection "Special Launch Edition", collects the artworks of the artists taking part in the first international contest dedicated to the A-book (3 and 4 modules): #VinylArthink, Music to Watch.

> Francesco Pezzuco (A-book series)

In this collection you can find all the themes Pezzuco likes as a visual artist. Here he attempts to unite expressive decisions and philosophical accuracy/rigour in his work. The dichotomy between humankind and nature, the existential disorientation, the need of a real culture of environment.