What is Arthink?
Arthink is an art publishing house and it was created to promote the circulation of visual art using innovative formats inspired by the world of design..
Arthink will deal with creation, release, promotion and sale of certified artworks, created by our artistic partners. The artists will make artworks on their own but respecting and using our standard formats, called Creacon (Creative’s Containers).

What are “Creacons”?
Creacons are preset formats based on the principles of Industrial design.
They comply with necessities like
large formats,
traditional style,
practical ergonomics,
conservation and storage of artworks when not on display.

We are organising several Creacons but in this start-up we are exclusively focusing on our first project, the Arthink-Book.
that is our first Creacon. This is a book-painting originally created for illustrators, but which now also includes artists, graphic designers and photographers.

Arthink: why?
Music, literature and cinema have established formats that make it somewhat easier to access a widespread audience. This kind of reach is seldom made with painting and illustration work. So the main task Arthink has is in redressing this imbalance.

Why are there so few artworks on the walls? How can we help the artists to occupy empty spaces?

On the one hand, there are so many young and gifted artists, whose works too often are enclosed in their portfolios or studios. On the other hand, there are the spaces of our everyday life where the quality vacuum” threatens.
One can find everything on those walls, but seldom contemporary artworks.
How can we encourage someone who wants to occupy that empty space to buy a contemporary artwork?
The art world may appear inaccessible to the general public: there are few art galleries and the artworks are generally expensive.
Arthink is looking for the answer to this “gap”.
To develop an integration of Art and Design..

The first Arthink deals with the issue of the “one unique piece“.
This concept of the “original” which arose with the birth of the photography. Its deep contradictions are especially clear in the digital art era. Other forms of contemporary expression also take advantage of modern production, replication and diffusion technologies, which is making them increasingly accessible to an ever-wider public.

Arthink asserts that these principles can also apply to visual art without losing quality.
The current art network is similar to that of High Fashion and Arthink aims to give artists and the public a “Pret a porter” opportunity too.
All Arthink’s initiatives are based on these premises: to support an increasing circulation of visual art and to let the artists produce their works not only for the current art network but also for a wider public.