#VinylArthink FAQ

Yes, you can. You can choose a musical track or a music album by any artist.
You can choose only one musical track or album.

Title of the artwork: “The colours of the 68s”
Associated album or music track: “Yellow Submarine” – The Beatles (or) “Revolver”, The Beatles’ seventh music album.
Name of the file: “Your name and surname”
Short description of the artwork: “A journey into the colours of the pop culture in the 1970s, inspired by The Beatles’ songs”

The artwork must represent the song or the album chosen by the artist.
Many artists listen to music whilst creating their art, often being creatively influenced by the sound itself. #VinylArthink contest is based upon this relationship.

The artwork must be created according to the format and dimensions of the Arthink-book. The Arthink-book is not a CD or a book. The Arthink-book is a folding painting. A design model which when folded assumes the proportions of a vinyl and can therefore be placed on the library shelf book-like.

Only one artwork is requested. The artist can choose between the two
available templates: modules 3 or 4. (The templates and the “Technical Data Sheet will be downloadable by filling in the request form which can be found at the Join Contest section on the website). The artwork must strictly respect the dimensions indicated.
The artwork can be composed of a single illustration (which must respect the vertical format and the instructions contained in the “Technical Data Sheet”) or of 3 or 4 illustrations, a sequence or a set of elements (that must be related to the chosen music track/album)

The artwork must be sent using the upload link on the Arthink website. Once you have registered to enter the contest, the link will be sent via email. The artwork must be previously unpublished and it cannot be published privately – in this instance the artist will be excluded from the contest.

If the artworks sent by the upload link are in accordance with the rules contained in the Regulation and Technical Data Sheet sections, they will be published on social networks by Arthink’s staff (Facebook and Instagram). Here they can be commented upon and shared by the artists themselves. Everyone can see the artwork and comment upon it.

The artwork will be on social networks throughout the duration of the contest. At the end of the selection process, artworks will remain on social networks – with the selected ones and the winners being published on the site gallery and in the catalogue for the Crowdfunding campaign of the Arthink-book launch.