Carlo De Meo

  • By Federica Phoebe Centore
  • July 31, 2017
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Carlo De Meo uses the autobiographical body as propeller and inspirational material. Redefining light according to habitable volumes, solid materials as complements that read just corporeity and its social postures. De Meo seeps into materials, camouflaging the body with the given colours, creates shy poses that make him a discordant distortion of the intimate landscape. Reusing everyday materials and objects with a plastic talent where poetry creates plausible functions, where the handcrafted imperfection exalts the muscular strength of the best scuplture. De Meo is a dense artist, able to tell transverse stories through his own body or through a sculptural miny copy. He doesn’t joke in the delicate power of the result.
In the pictures below Carlo De Meo at work for his collaboration with #ArthinkEditions and some of his Artworks, we invite you to have a look at his official website to find out more about this chamaleontic artist.