Music to watch:
shape and colour your musical feelings
with Arthink-Book.

#VinylArthink, music to watch, is the first contest organized by Arthink Editions. This International contest aims to find artists, illustrators and graphic designers who are interested in joining Arthink’s editorial initiatives and the forthcoming crowdfunding campaign for the launch of the first Creacon: Arthink-Book.

Why “vinyl”?
Arthink-Book is a book-picture, whose dimensions recalls vinyls 33 and 45 rpm.
The revival of the dear old vinyls is warmly welcomed and it suggested the topic of the contest: music. In fact the proposed artworks must be associated with a musical track or an album freely chosen.

The #VinylArthink hashtag represents the indexing symbol for all the news and the events that revolve around the Contest on social networks. Find it on Facebook and Instagram!

The Contest is open to everyone and it is completely free.

The artworks will be posted on the publisher’s social networks to be shared and commented.

The artists have the opportunity to be involved in the activities of the publishing house and to join the crowdfunding campaign for the launch of the Arthink-Book. Furthermore, the contest provides the following prizes as an advance on copyright:
1st 1.000 €
2nd 500 €
3rd 300 €
(The prizes will be paid regardless of the selling of the artworks).
The deadline is set on 8 october 2017.