What is it?

Arthink-Book is the first of our Creacon.
It represents the fusion of painting and book. It can be closed and put on a shelf in the library.
It aims to be the the replacement of the paintings on the walls.
Too often paintings seem unmovable and prevent, what is for Arthink, the natural flow of change.
Paintings hang still and static but often art has a more ephemeral nature. If you tire of a painting you don’t throw it away. Art-think book delivers a more fluid and responsive experience of art.

Arthink-book can be used as a book or a CD. It is stored in the library: choose it, use it and then, if you want to replace it, put it back in the library waiting for future uses.
When closed, it resembles a book. The cover doubles up as a case and it can be closed with a handy elastic band.
The author and the title appear on the front and the spine of the cover. A brief description of the artist is printed on the inside cover.

According to the model, the artwork will be composed of three or four square panels, applied on a flexible canvas base. Each panel is spaced 8 mm apart. The prints are made on fine cardboards.
The authenticity certificate, is applied on the back side of the cover. It contains all the informations about the artwork, including the edition, the serial number, and includes the signatures of the author and the publisher.