Arthink Shop-Gallery is online.

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The new Shop-Gallery section on the Arthink Editions website is online.
Arthink Gallery” opens its doors exposing all the 667 works of the Artists who participated from all over the world to the very popular International Contest #VinylArthink (Music to Watch), dedicated to the Arthink-book, which saw the extraordinary participation of more than 10.000 voters.
The works can be purchased in sizes 18 or 29 cm directly from the Gallery, in their edition dedicated to the launch of the A-book, SLE (Special Launch Edition).

Another section of the Arthink Gallery is dedicated to the works of Francesco Pezzuco and his special collection “Arthink Series”, where are the themes dear to the production of a visual artist that combines expressive decision and philosophical rigor. The dichotomy between man and nature, the existential bewilderment, the need for a true culture of the environment: the expressive rigor of Arthink-Book (separated in paintings, almost “sequenced”), best expresses the thought of a strong and complex artist. The collection consists of 12 works, of which 6 use the 18 cm module and 6 the 31 cm module.
La collezione è composta da 12 opere, di cui 6 utilizzano il modulo da 18 cm e 6 il modulo da 31 cm.

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